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Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记 - EP3

I’m Really Injured
18 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Amos accidentally injures Alvin's eyes. The caring Hui Ling takes good care of Alvin and this makes Amos jealous. Michael exposes Alvin's fake injury while this time, Amos has an accident and there's two "disabled persons" in class. Amos不小心把Alvin的眼睛弄伤,一向爱心爆棚的慧玲照顾有加,嘘寒问暖、无微不至,让Amos受不了。在Michael的揭穿下,才知道原来Alvin是装模作样,博同情。偏偏这个时候,Amos出了意外,霎时间,班上又多出一个 ‘残障人士’ ,岂料……

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记
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