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Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记 - EP13

People’s Hero (Finale
21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 29 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Amos, Alvin and Anthony give their all and tries their best due to their individual goals. Amos and Hui Ling encourages each other and their friendship grows further. Can Amos and Hui Ling stand out in the assessment and successfully advance to the next round ? 3A因为各自都有奋斗的目标。众人纷纷使出浑身解数,想要进行。Amos则和慧玲在互相勉励,友情更进一步。Amos和慧玲又能不能在考核中脱颖而出,成功晋级呢?

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记
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