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Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记 - EP12

The Next Green Apple
21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 22 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Alvin is invited by a talent scout to audition for a drama class and his friends encourages him to train hard. Amos unexpectedly sees Hui Ling at the audition and is determined to get selected with her. But during the audition, he forgets his lines ! Alvin被星探邀请参与训练班试镜。以为只做陪衬的Amos,更要他经历魔鬼式训练。让Amos苦不堪言。Amos其实本不抱希望,但意外看到慧玲也来参赛,顿时雄心壮志,下定决心要和慧玲携手入围,却在试镜时,忽然忘词……

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记
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