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Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记 - EP1

Mobile Temptation
21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

On the first day of secondary school, Amos and friends get caught by Michael after playing mobile games and missing class. Just when he thought he was sitting next to the beautiful Hui Ling, he is placed beside Michael. Back home, Amos gets punished by his mum. Seems like his painful life in secondary school has just begun. 升中一第一天,Amos与死党玩手游,忘了时间,被资优生Michael逮到,结果第一天就被老师责备。本以为坐在漂亮女同学慧玲身边,却偏偏被分到Michael身边,令Amos叫苦连天。回家后,更被妈妈罚抄,看来Amos的痛苦中学生涯,才刚开始……

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记
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