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Dia Yang Ku Cinta

Dia Yang Ku Cinta - EP15

Finale (Episod Akhir)
40 Min

By Suria Published: 29 Jul 2020 Audio: Malay

Cempaka Amna and her brother Iman are stepchildren of Tuan Khalid and Puan Marhanna. However Puan Marhanna and her daughter Lara Andrew hated the two siblings and often abused them. They pretended to be kind in the presence of Tuan Khalid and Hafiz Andrew. Both Hafiz and Lara are also stepchildren of Tuan Khalid. They are the children of Marhanna and her ex-husband, an English man. Hafiz and Lara were brought back to Malaysia when Marhanna and her husband divorced. Cempaka decided to leave the house. But what will happen to Iman ? And can Marhanna accepts Cempaka into the family when Hafiz decides to marry her ?

Dia Yang Ku Cinta
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