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Di Luar Garisan (Out of Line) S1

Di Luar Garisan (Out of Line) S1

Episode 7 - Finale
44 Min

By Suria Published: 14 Jul 2020 Audio: Malay

Episode 7 – Finale Adil ran to Roslan when he saw him jump out of the way of a speeding car. They didn’t manage to catch the license plate as it was way too fast. But Roslan was injured in the process. Back at the office, Alisa and Salleh were shocked to see Roslan injured and learn that he had been harassed by someone. And last night he was almost run down by a car. They suspect that it was all done by the same person. Other suicides Salleh told Roslan that few months back, there had been two other suicide cases that involved teenage girls both 15 and 16 years old who killed themselves by poisoning and jumping off the building. The cases were assessed as suicide due to chronic depression. Before the girls committed suicide, they had been having problems. Roslan decides to re-investigate the two cases to try and find if there’s any links to the recent suicide case; he talks to the family and friends of the deceased. They went to interview the friends and families of the 2 victims and Roslan was surprised to learn that Adil has once again beaten him to the interviews. Adil had already spoken to the family. From the interviews, CID learns that the 2 girls share similarities with Fauziah. They were introverted, had personal problems and spent a lot of time on the Internet. Their friends were aware that they met some guy on the Internet and were smitten by his charms and caring, understanding ways. However, they became very withdrawn and no longer speak about themselves and the guy friend anymore after a while. However, the aliases of these guys are not TrueLove76. Roslan and team suspect that these could be the name person but using different user IDs to prey on the young girls. CCTV Adil notices a CCTV at a nearby shop. He decides to try his luck. Within the footages, he found a man wearing baseball cap and sunglasses whom he suspects to be TrueLove76 entering a car after leaving the Internet cafe. He was not able to see the license plate as it was blocked by another car. However, he was shocked to see what looks like a child seat booster at the passenger seat of TrueLove76. Julia’s theory At the office, Julia shares her views with Roslan and team. Based on her suspicion, they could be looking for a mature man who is taking advantage of young girls with personal problems. He pretends to be a big brother who takes care of them and genuinely cares about them and their problems. Based on some other cases of cybersex predator in other places, they are usually decent people with decent jobs, and social status. They may even be respectable persons in their community or work environment with a good family and future ahead of them. Asked whether TrueLove76 will stop what he’s doing, Julia shakes her head. She thinks he’s having too much fun to stop. Salleh wonders if the girls were willing parties in the sexual relationships. Roslan objects and says that they could be drugged or even coerced, blackmailed, like the video of Fauziah. This man is an expert and they need to find him soon. Roslan changes attitude towards Marina Marina learns that Roslan was injured and she was immediately concerned. She offers to apply medication on his wounds. Meanwhile Roslan requests that she performs toxicology report on the last victim – Hanny. Zaidi The owner of Café called Roslan that the guy who looks like TrueLove76 appears at his café again. Adil appears at the Café too. The suspect’s name is Zaidi and Roslan questions him while Adil watches on. Zaidi was nervous and claims to be surfing the net for News. Roslan checks the history of his webpages and notices that Zaidi had been surfing porn sites, but other than that, there was nothing suspicious about him. Roslan warns Adil once again about investigating the case. He tells him that he will arrest him if he continues and this is no more a question of friendship. Adil shows Roslan picture of a license plate he took earlier on when he met Roslan at the carpark.

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