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Di Akhir Garisan

Di Akhir Garisan - EP1

Finale (Episod Akhir)
93 Min

By Suria Published: 31 Jul 2020 Audio: Malay

Di Akhir Garisan tells a story about two female ex-inmates, Raudha and Janna, who have been bestowed the "invitation" to perform Hajj. Many advise them against fulfilling their "intention" because Hajj is only prescribed to those with the means and ability to perform it not only financially but also physically and spiritually. Their Hajj's intentions are being judged with strong stigmas and prejudices. Despite the tumultuous journey that they have to face with hurdles and rejections that put their intention to test, they still push themselves hard until they reach the end of the line.

Di Akhir Garisan
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