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Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的!

Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的! - EP20

Episode 20 Immobilize
10 Min

By meWATCH Published: 07 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Dim mak used to appear in the plots of period TV drama. Is dim mak a skill with a theoretical basis ? Is dim mak as amazing as what we see in Chinese martial arts TV drama series and can immobilise a person for hours ? Will the battle between the director and the scriptwriter end with a happy note ? 古装剧中,经常有点穴的桥段出现。然而,点穴真的是一门有根据的学问吗?点穴真的就像武侠剧中那样神奇,能将人定住,几个小时都动惮不得,完全无法行动自如吗?导演和编剧之间的斗争,到底会不会有一个圆满的结局吗?

Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的!
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