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Deluxe-licious 有何贵食

Deluxe-licious 有何贵食 - EP9

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 25 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

A French poet once described eating oysters as "kissing the sea on the lips" and the French have them for every special occasion. Why are French oysters the most expensive in Singapore ? How should one enjoy a fresh oyster ? Host Youyi travels to France to learn more about oyster farming and dredging. 吃生蚝曾被法国诗人比喻为"和大海接吻",是法国人喜庆必备的开胃菜。新加坡进口的生蚝来自各地,为什么就数法国的最贵?除了加盐加醋加柠檬,要怎么吃才算是真正的"蚝"客?跟随主持人有懿到法国,了解生蚝的养殖和捕捞过程。

Deluxe-licious 有何贵食
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