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Degup Cinta

Degup Cinta - EP26

43 Min

By Suria Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Malay

Two broken hearts are mended in a most astonishing way. Successful and personable Reza is deeply in love with his longtime sweetheart Jasmin. They vowed to stay together forever and plan to get married. But not long before the big day arrives, Jasmin was tragically involved in a major car accident. She died from her injuries and her heart was donated to someone who needed it more. Life was topsy-turvy for Reza after losing his precious gem. Feeling dejected, he leaves the city with his broken heart, refusing to have any contact with anyone who knows him. Meanwhile Zahlia is excitedly preparing for her grand wedding with her fiance Haikal but for Haikal, he is not thrilled and eager to marry her. Haikal's lack of enthusiasm does not trigger any warning bells for Zahlia. Prior to their wedding day, Zahlia was rudely awaken when she finds out that Haikal is having an affair with his business partner. Feeling disgusted and cheated, she decided to run away.

Degup Cinta
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