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Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里 - EP22

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 17 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xi Yue receives an invitation from her colleague to visit an exhibition preview. When Xi Yue attends the event, she finds out that the exhibit is filled with items that hold memories for her and Yan Xun. She finds out that this is part of Yan Xun's plan to regain her love. Will Xi Yue agree to reconcile with him ? On the other hand, Ting Xuan is unable to accept that Wei Ren still has feelings for Zi Wei, and she initiates a breakup. She wants to go overseas to volunteer as a 'Doctor without Borders'.喜悦收到同行邀请,请她来参观预展,喜悦欣然前往,却发现展览场摆设了很多她和彦勋具有共同回忆的物品。原来这一切都是彦勋精心策划,希望能挽回喜悦的心,喜悦会答应复合吗?另一方面,庭萱无法接受为人总是放不下梓惟,提出分手,并毅然出国当无国界医生……。

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里
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