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Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里 - EP17

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yu Jie manages to find Uncle Chan's old lover, and he brings Xi Yue and Uncle Chan to the Palliative Care Centre to find her. However, they realise that they are too late as she has recently passed away, and sadly there is no fate for Uncle Chan to meet her again. Uncle Chan is disappointed, and Yu Jie comforts Xi Yue as she starts crying inconsolably. Yu Jie pities her, and this ignites in his strong feelings for her. He is unable to control himself, and he confesses to Xi Yue. Xi Yue does not dare to accept his feelings, so she leaves in a state of panic. 宇捷找到Uncle Chan的旧情人,带着喜悦和Uncle Chan到临终关怀中心,不料迟了一步,对方已逝世,两人缘悭一面。Uncle Chan感失落,喜悦更是无法控制,哭倒在宇捷怀里。宇捷怜惜不已,激起对喜悦浓烈的情感,终于忍不住向她表白。喜悦不敢接受,惊慌逃离。

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里
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