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Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里 - EP14

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yan Xun gifts a new bracelet to Xi Yue, but Xi Yue is not elated upon receiving it. She feels that the old bracelet has too much meaning to her, and that its importance cannot be replaced by the new bracelet. Yan Xun does not understand why Xi Yue is so stubborn, and the two of them argue. In a fit of anger, Xi Yue runs downstairs and flings the bracelet away. After the incident, she regrets doing so and wants to find the bracelet back, but her search for it is in vain. 彦勋送新手链给喜悦,喜悦没有欢欣之情,始终觉得旧手链对她意义更重大,不是一条新手链可以取代的。彦勋不解为何喜悦如此固执,两人发生口角。喜悦一气之下,跑到楼下把旧手链丢掉,事后她感到后悔,想要找回,却遍寻不获。

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里
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