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Crime Science

Crime Science - EP1

DNA & Digital Detectives
46 Min

By CNA Published: 11 Dec 2019 Audio: English

A headless body is found in a Dubai desert. It spurs DNA detectives into action. Can they use the latest in forensic genetics to identify the victim, and also create a sketch of her murderer whose DNA was found on her body ? In Singapore, a 6-year-old boy is knocked down by a bus and dies. Can the latest in 3d scanning help fatal accident investigators reconstruct the crash ? How will they establish if the bus driver was at fault ? Poachers threaten a tiger corridor in central India. But what happens when AI finds its way into forest surveillance ? Can it stop poaching ? And what will it take to rig up an intelligent network in a forest, where there is no power, cables, or even connectivity ?

Crime Science
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