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Cook Eat China S2

Cook Eat China S2 - EP13

Xijiang, Guizhou
22 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Oct 2015 Audio: English

Xijiang is the center of Miao culture and hosts more than 120 festivals every year. The Miao people in the villages wear silver head-dresses and traditional costumes during celebrations, which are captivating. James travel through mountains and valleys and head east to learn about the Miao culture and their tastes and bunked in at a Farmer Artist’s Pavilion Home ! James heads to the Miao Village Markets with his host, the much celebrated farmer artist to look at the local produce. Earthy, wholesome ingredients make for earthy and wholesome foods –the food here tastes like a bite right out of the moist hillsides. James waxes lyrical about the natural flavours, while he was treated to one of the most spectacular home cooked hearty dinner. What an absolute treat for the independent traveler ! Suan Tang Yu or Sour Fish Soup is one of the major dishes in Guizhou. It pretty much sums up the locals’ love for a sour taste. Locals flock to one particular restaurant to find the best Suan Tang Yu - choosing your own fresh fish flipping and moving for this hearty broth is all part of the process. James gets up close to his fishy friend and finds out what makes this soup so tantalizing and moreish before sampling his favorite concoction with local vegetables and interesting side dishes at Xijiang Fan Dian.

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