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Cook Eat China S1

Cook Eat China S1 - EP6

23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 27 Nov 2014 Audio: English

Where the Dogs Don’t Care - With its history as a foreign concession, Tianjin’s large port and European architecture suggest an openness to foreign influences and a willingness to mix. Though sometimes seen as Beijing’s little brother, Tianjin packs lots of surprises with its foods, too ! James is about to find out that it has its own fair share of show stopping cuisine. He heads to Nanshi Cuisine street – 2 levels of about 50 restaurants in this purpose built mall. We highlight our top choices here: from Ma Hua, oyster omelet, squid sticks to some artisan sugar art...the best of Tianjin’s delights are stored here. James finishes his tour at a Goubuli restaurant, which serves a local dumpling dish. The house specialty is the goubuli filled with high-grade pork, spices and gravy – but where did it get its memorable name ? Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere - James heads on down to one of Tianjin’s iconic restaurants serving a menu full of old Tianjin cuisine. Besides the tasty food, another specialty here is the lively house atmosphere. There are also the wonderful performances given by the old-world singer and storyteller every night, which will bring you back in time.

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