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Cook Eat China S1

Cook Eat China S1 - EP5

Wenchang, Hainan
23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 27 Nov 2014 Audio: English

Wanting in Wenchang - The majority of Singapore’s Hainanese population has their ancestral roots firmly planted in Wenchang. Hainan Chicken rice is a Singapore favorite and we investigate the best stores in Wenchang. That’s because Hainan chicken rice has its early beginnings in Wenchang. The first store has a massive history and even served it to Jiang Kai Shek who helped to popularize the dish in the 1930s. Another restaurant has built a mini empire with this dish and exports their chicken to Singapore. We speak to the chefs to get a little insight on their recipe. While the rest of China sips many and various teas, the Hainanese have been brewing up some aromatic coffee – in fact they brought their coffee culture down to Malaysia and Singapore. Hainan’s geography and climate make it the perfect location for coffee cultivation and James learns more about the finer points of the coffee culture. James learns first hand the artisanal way of rice noodle making and find out how this art has survived to the modern times. This is a genuine labor of love – generally conducted through the wee small hours, through the twilight, just in time for Bao Luo noodles breakfast.

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