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Cook Eat China S1

Cook Eat China S1 - EP4

Haikou, Hainan
23 Min
Graphic Visuals 写实画面;

By meWATCH Published: 20 Nov 2014 Audio: English

Silence of the Black Lambs - Hainan Dao might be the winter escape destination for China citizens but it’s the ancestral home for many here in Singapore. James’ introductory wander takes him to the narrow, covered road running east from Bo'ai Road. He hunts for dried seafood, and exotic meats as the best place to start understanding the Hainanese culture is to investigate the produce that is available on the island. One of the most famous Hainan’s specialties is its mountain black lamb. This sheep is uniformly black and its flesh significantly more tender than normal. James enjoys reviewing their unusual pallor, and even more so their flesh – does it live up to the hyperbole ? Street-side dinning is next on the list. There is something magical about roadside seafood stalls that are big on flavors and low on fuss. James cooks up his own meal here to impress... well, probably just the local traffic. Nonetheless, the steaming, glistening 'fruits of the sea' remain centre stage.

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