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Cook Eat China S1

Cook Eat China S1 - EP1

23 Min
Graphic Visuals

By meWATCH Published: 13 Nov 2014 Audio: English

From the traditional to the weird, Beijing is full of surprises. But, no surprise, the ancient kitchens have always prized this mysterious 'delicacy', which we are going to check out. Delve into the heart and soul of Beijing’s Lao Bai Xing culture. We travel to a 'hole in the wall' restaurant, to discover a wonderful gem, tucked deep in the city center ! James also explores Beijing’s quintessential food - noodles. Learn about the culture and tradition of this ancient-and-contemporary culinary form. After that, swing by the colorful Wang Fu Jing night market and prepare for unusual fare, skewered, grilled, and wriggling.

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