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CoNaBLUE S2 海豚帮帮号 S2

CoNaBLUE S2 海豚帮帮号 S2 - EP13

Jellyfish and Tiny Fish
11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 05 Apr 2020 Audio: English;Chinese

Today CoNaBLUE arrive on the coast of Hebrides Island in Scotland. The mission this time is to help the famous Man-of-war Jellyfish drift on the sea. Before leaving for the mission, CoNaBLUE experience the joy of a new mirror room made by Luban. As the mission begins, they meet the Man-of-war Jellyfish and the Tiny Fish. But a strong wind scatters CoNaBLUE. Luban and the two Tiny Fish are blown to the other side of the sea. They meet dangerous salmon as well as Lion's Mane Jellyfish when they hide in a ice cave. But later they are trapped in an ice cave. It's time for TeamBot ! Finally TeamBot help Luban and the Tiny Fish get rid of danger.

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