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CoNaBLUE S2 海豚帮帮号 S2

CoNaBLUE S2 海豚帮帮号 S2 - EP1

Pika and Snow Finch 鼠兔和雪雀
11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 01 Mar 2020 Audio: English;Chinese

Today, CoNaBLUE come to Zu Lake in Hoh Xil, where a thunderstorm is going to happen. Their task today is to install lightning arresters to protect the Tibetan antelopes there. But Columbus and Luban have a fever and can't go out, so the task is undertaken by Barry and Edison. Nightingale stays in Sealander for rear service. Barry and Edison find that the arresters have accidentally disappeared. It turns out that the Pika and Snow Finch are playing tricks with them. Then Barry and Edison use MicroBot to go into pika's cave to find the disappeared lightning arrester. The thunderstorm is coming ! All CoNaBLUE crews go out for the mission. At the moment of crisis, Pika and Snow Finch also help CoNaBLUE find the rest of arresters. They form up TeamBot, and use the arresters to solve the thunderstorm crisis and successfully protect the Tibetan antelopes. 这一次帮帮号来到青藏高原的卓乃湖,这里将有一场雷暴雨发生,而他们的任务是安装避雷器保护藏羚羊群。可是柯蓝波和罗卜发烧了,无法外出,因此这次的任务由健康的巴里和感冒的小迪前去执行,小甜则在特快里指导。当巴里和小迪来到湖畔边安装避雷器时发现避雷器意外地不见了,原来是鼠兔和雪雀在捣鬼,随即他们开启微型模式进入鼠兔洞穴中寻找消失的避雷器。此时雷暴雨接近!危险来袭。成员们只好全部紧急出动。危机时刻鼠兔和雪雀也帮助成员们找齐了避雷器,雷暴雨来袭,成员们紧急组成超能侠,利用避雷器解决了雷暴雨危机,成功保护了藏羚羊群,成员们也都恢复健康,巴里反而生病了。

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