CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1

CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1 - EP8

Mussels and Bitterlings 河蚌和鳑鲏鱼
11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 07 Feb 2020 Audio: English;Chinese

Today, Sealander takes us to Poyang Lake. Barry and Luban encounter a strange "fish rain" while flying dragon kites. Then they send the fish back to the lake who are brought to the land by a waterspout. But a couple of bitterling fish with poor memory claim that they live near the Dragon Ship Wreck, and they're hurry back to attend a "Baby Exchange Ceremony". This arouses the interest of Barry and Luban. They decide to send them home. But the wreck is so old that it collapses later. CoNaBLUE quickly call up TeamBot, and finally save the bitterlings' home with the help of the waterspout. 帮帮号特快停泊在鄱阳湖畔,巴里和罗卜在放龙风筝的时候遇到了一场奇特的“鱼雨”,他们将这些因为水龙卷卷上天的鳑鲏鱼送回了水里。还剩一对记性很差的鳑鲏鱼夫妇,自称住在神龙沉船附近,要赶紧回去参加“宝宝交换仪式”。这引起了巴里和罗卜的兴趣,他们决定送他们回家,但因沉船老旧,神龙沉船垮塌了,帮帮号成员赶紧合成帮帮超能侠,在水龙卷的帮助下拯救了鳑鲏鱼的家园。

CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1
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