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CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1

CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1 - EP7

Crab and Sea Urchin
11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 07 Feb 2020 Audio: English;Chinese

Today, CoNaBLUE arrive in the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. Luban is very depressed because he can't find his Lucky Bolt everywhere. The crab family is arguing for the right to live on the beach. CoNaBLUE suggest them to hold a race for it. During the race, the crabs meet with unexpectable accidents so the race has to be stopped. Luban dives into the deep sea to rescue the crabs. Other CoNaBLUE crews arrive and call up TeamBot to help. Finally, the crabs return safely and settle the territorial disputes peacefully. With the help of the crabs, Luban also find his Lucky Bolt. What a happy ending !

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