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CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1

CoNaBLUE S1 海豚帮帮号 S1 - EP3

Ants and Larva
11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jan 2020 Audio: English;Chinese

Today, let's go to Amazon Tropical Rainforest with CoNaBLUE. Luban and Barry are playing dodge ball. Edison found that the butterfly larvae will live in the ant cave. How could this happen ? To find out the truth, CoNaBLUE send out their MicroBot to go inside the ant cave. It turns out that the larva pretends to be the ant queen and drive ants to protect him. At that moment, an unexpectable rainstorm comes. CoNaBLUE call up TeamBot and keeps the ants and larva safe from the flood crisis. Now Luban and Barry can play dodge ball again as their question has been settled.

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