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City Foragers 城市觅食

City Foragers 城市觅食 - EP4

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are praised as "Superfoods", highly sought for their anti-aging and disease-fighting properties despite their costly price tags. Instead of spending a fortune on imported goods, why not discover "Superfoods" growing amongst us in the neighbourhood ? Don't miss them out ! 近年来,所谓的"超级食品"越来越受欢迎。据说,它们富含维生素和矿物质、能延缓衰老和对抗疾病!但你知道吗, 除了花大钱买进口货,新加坡的马路边,甚至是沟渠边,也能找到土生土长的"超级食品"。不要走宝哦!

City Foragers 城市觅食
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