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Chasing Scarcity

Chasing Scarcity - EP2

Unlimited Desires
47 Min

By CNA Published: 24 Mar 2020 Audio: English

Economics textbooks continue to base their content on a single fundamental assumption: that resources are scarce relative to unlimited wants. To re-evaluate the relevance of said assumption in an age of technological advancement, Aaron Maniam continues his research journey. The true beneficiaries of technology are small countries, and is the crutch that allows them to stand shoulder to shoulder with larger economies. Which is why Aaron is in Tallinn, Estonia, a country of just 1.3million citizens, with little natural resources. And yet, Estonia is the world's first digital nation, home of several startup unicorns. How does scarcity drive abundance ? For a bright future, how will it be powered ? The tiny outpost of Samso is a working model. It's the world's first energy-positive island, and has been for 15years. Aaron's research paper, based on real-world-use cases, is peer-reviewed, and housed online @www.chasingscarcity.com, inviting as many people to the conversation as possible.

Chasing Scarcity
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