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C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队

C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 - EP7

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Sep 2019 Audio: Chinese

Man Ting realizes that Yun Yun is missing after receiving a call from Ah Ping. While searching for Yun Yun with Jia Ming, Man Ting has an anxiety attack when Yun Yun’s disappearance reminded her of her own traumatic experience. Seeing Man Ting in such a state for the first time, Jia Ming comforts her by embracing her. 曼婷接到阿萍的电话,得知其女芸芸失踪,急忙和家明赶去事发地点寻找。由于芸芸失踪的情景与曼婷当年被诱拐的情景很相似,曼婷被勾起可怕往事,顿时惊慌失措。家明第一次看到曼婷慌乱的样子,忍不住将她拥入怀里。

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