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By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃 - EP4

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Mdm Thian was diagnosed as a dementia patient in 2015. As the only child, Danny decided to change his career path. He resigned from his marketing work and became a full-time painter, working from home while taking care of his mother with a helper. Daniel, who was only 30 years old eight years ago, was at his good time to build up his career. When his father was diagnosed with dementia, and his mother confirmed that she had third stage of breast cancer, everything changed.母亲田金娥在2015年被确诊为失智患者,独生子陈重源决定换工作跑道,辞去他的营销工作,成为一名全职画家,一边在家工作,一边和帮佣一起照顾母亲。8年前年仅30岁的林国源,血气方刚,正是为自己打造美好职业生涯的时机,当他的父亲被诊断患有失智症,而母亲着证实得了第3期乳癌,一切都改变了。现在身为独子的林国源是这个家庭唯一的经济支柱,也是父母至亲的守护者。

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃
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