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Body SOS S9 小毛病大问题 9

Body SOS S9 小毛病大问题 9 - EP2

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 22 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

Lymphoma is the 5th most common male cancer and the 6th most common cancer for females in Singapore ! This episode, we will be discussing: 1.Is itching a symptom of lymphoma ? 2.Is obesity a risk factor of lymphoma ? 3.surgery isn't used to treat lymphoma ? 淋巴癌是本地男性第五常见和女性第六常见癌症!今天的控状包括: 1. 皮肤痒是淋巴癌的症状? 2. 肥胖是淋巴癌的风险因素? 3. 手术,无法治疗淋巴癌?

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