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Body SOS S8 小毛病大问题 8

Body SOS S8 小毛病大问题 8 - EP19

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

What and how does Trigeminal Neuralgia pain feel like ? Why is it regarded as the most painful condition that is known in the medical world ? Is it life threatening ? What is the explanation from TCM point of view ? What are the treatment ? We have also invited a patient who will share her experience in this episode ! 三叉神经痛,到底有多痛?为什么会被称为“天下第一痛”?是否会危害生命?中医如何记载和解读这个疾病?有哪些治疗方法能舒缓疼痛?我们也邀请了一位患者来分享发病过程和经验!

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