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Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7

Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7 - EP32

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

In Singapore, lung cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men, and the 3rd most common cancer in women. About 1,500 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. What are the symptoms of lung cancer ? What factors increase the risk of lung cancer ? From the perspective of TCM, what is the cause of lung cancer ? Is the cure rate and recurrence rate high ? 本地每年有大约1500人被诊断患有肺癌,是本地男性第二大,女性第三大常见癌症!肺癌有哪些症状?什么因素提高患肺癌的风险?从中医观点看,肺癌的病因是什么?治愈率和复发率高吗?

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