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Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7

Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7 - EP25

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Is Nasopharyngeal cancer really a "Cantonese cancer/ Guang Dong Tumour" ? What are the factors that will increase risk of having NPC ? How TCM analyze the causes and consequences of this disease ? What are the treatments ? One of the guest artiste Liu Kai Xin is also NPC survivor and she will share her experience in this episode ! 鼻咽癌也被称为"广东瘤"?为什么?还有哪些因素会提高患鼻咽癌的风险?中医又会如何分析鼻咽癌的前因后果?中西医有哪些治疗方法?节目中的艺人同学之一刘凯欣也是鼻咽癌康复者,她也会分享她的故事!

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