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Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7

Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7 - EP23

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Why is osteoporosis known as a silent disease ? What are the factors that increase the risk of having osteoporosis ? What are the nutrients that helps to strengthen our bones ? How does TCM treat this problem ? How can we prevent osteoporosis ? 为什么骨质疏松症被称为"沉默的疾病"?哪些因素提高患骨质疏松症的风险?多摄取哪些营养素能有助于强健骨骼?中医又如何看待这个问题?应如何治疗和预防?

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