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Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7

Body SOS S7 小毛病大问题 7 - EP21

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 02 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Is Brain Tumour common in Singapore ? What type of brain tumors do adults and children have ? What are the symptoms ? Can phone radiation cause brain tumours ? What is TCMs point of view ? We have also invited a 10 year old brain tumour survivor and his mother to share their story. 脑瘤在本地是否很常见?成人和小孩会患上哪种类型的脑瘤?有什么症状?手机辐射,会诱发脑瘤?中医如何看待脑瘤?我们也邀请了一位10岁的脑瘤康复者和他的母亲来分享经历。

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