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Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6

Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6 - EP29

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Do you know what Parkinson's disease is ? Is it really so scary ? What are the symptoms of Parkinson's disease ? What are the differences between Parkinson's disease and dementia ? How is Parkinson's disease diagnosed ? What are the factors that will increase the risk ? Can it be cured ? 帕金森氏症到底是怎么回事?真的那么可怕吗?它有什么症状呢?要如何区别帕金森氏症和失智症?两者有什么不同?如何诊断?又有哪些人是高危人群?治疗方法有哪些?

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