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Bluetick 已读不回

Bluetick 已读不回 - EP8

Fangxing's Wife
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 17 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Sidong exposed Nianxia for being the culprit of the bluetick. Nianxia admitted that she was a pickpocket and Fangxing helped her return to the right track. She fabricated the bluetick issue in order to find out the truth behind Fangxing’s death. The duo continued investigating and chanced upon Li Kaixin being chased down by the Mafia. Under Nianxia’s interrogation, Li Kaixin admitted to cheating Fangxing’s huge sum of insurance premiums by coaxing him into marrying her and then hiring assassins to go after Fangxing. But Fangxing wrote Song Haoran as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy and left his mansion to Sidong. 思冬揭穿念夏制造已读不回。念夏坦言自己曾是扒手,因方行才重回正轨,所以为了寻找死亡真相制造已读不回。二人在追查过程中遇见李凯欣被黑社会追杀。在念夏的逼问下,李凯欣承认为了方行的巨额保险金哄他结婚,再买凶杀人,但方行早将保险受益人写了「宋皓然」,并将豪宅留给莫思冬。

Bluetick 已读不回
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