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Bluetick 已读不回

Bluetick 已读不回 - EP7

The Truth
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 17 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Sidong questioned Nianxia’s motive for continuing the investigation despite the risk of breaking the law. Nianxia refused to answer him and exposed Sidong for using the investigation as an excuse to chase girls. They left each other after the quarrel. While investigating alone, Nianxia failed to discover anything and started missing the times where Sidong and her investigated together. Suddenly, Sidong appeared and exposed that the culprit behind the blue tick is none other than Nianxia herself ! 思冬质问念夏冒险犯法追查,是否另有目的,念夏不肯讲,反揭破思冬只为追女孩才积极,二人争吵,不观而散。念夏独自追查,却一无所获,反想念与思冬一同查案的日子。此时,思冬突然出现,却说制造「已读不回」恶作剧的,正是念夏本人!

Bluetick 已读不回
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