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Bluetick 已读不回

Bluetick 已读不回 - EP20

They all came back
23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 17 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Sidong bid farewell to Nianxia, telling her that he would come back again for her. Sidong went to Xuanci’s café after clearing his memories.The owner was Bi Nianxia. Sidong fell in love with the lady in front of him at the first sight.. 思冬与念夏告别,要念夏忘记自己和这段时间的经历,等他回来,便当重新认识,他会重新追求她,与她重新开始。只记得自己流浪回来的莫思冬,来到宣慈的咖啡店,老板娘此时已换成毕念夏,思冬不记得念夏,却又再一次一见钟情。

Bluetick 已读不回
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