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Bluetick 已读不回

Bluetick 已读不回 - EP15

Finding Myself
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 17 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Sidong, Guoquan, Nianxia and Xuanci visited the places Fangxing used to go. Everyone there recognized Guoquan and Fangxing, but nobody recognized Sidong. Sidong went to the church for Priest Li’s help. Priest Li told Sidong that the last time he met Fangxing, Fangxing told him 'he wanted to find himself'. Sidong decided to go “find himself” too. 思冬、国权与念夏、宣慈往查访昔日老师、经常去的酒吧、拳馆,所有人都认得国权和方行,却完全不认识思冬。思冬不知不觉来到教堂,求助于黎牧师。黎牧师告诉思冬,方行最后一次来教堂,说要去寻找自己。思冬也决定回香港,「寻找自己」。

Bluetick 已读不回
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