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Bluetick 已读不回

Bluetick 已读不回 - EP13

The Memorial Service
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 17 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Nianxia and the mysterious person saved Sidong just in time. Sidong successfully took the evidence and found out who murdered Fangxing. Unfortunately, he did not have solid evidence. He decided to hold a memorial service and trigger the murderer to expose himself. During the memorial service, Sidong managed to make Chuen admit to being the murderer and expose Hu Deing as the mastermind. 念夏及神秘人及时救了思冬。思冬顺利拿走证据,并得知杀方行的凶手,只可惜没有实证,所以想到办一场追思会,再次聚集出席葬礼的人,引凶手自爆。追思会上,思冬靠挑拨离间让楚恩承认杀人,更指证胡德英才是主谋。

Bluetick 已读不回
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