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Blessings S2 祖先保佑2

Blessings S2 祖先保佑2 - EP7

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Da Xi could not find any jobs, he decides to sell red bean cakes and invites Xue Geng to join him. However, Xue Geng says they do not have the capital to do so. Upon hearing their conversation, Sai Ding is willing to invest in their business. When everyone is discussing happily, the police come and say that someone reported that the cream Sai Ding is selling is fake and want him to follow them to the police station for further investigation.大喜找不到工作,决定卖豆沙饼,邀学庚加入,学庚说没钱什么都做不了。赛鼎愿意出资加入他们的行列。众人开心地讨论时,忽有警察上门,说有人告赛鼎卖的"消失膏"是假货,要赛鼎跟他们到警察局一趟…

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