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Blessings S2 祖先保佑2

Blessings S2 祖先保佑2 - EP6

46 Min
Some Sexual References

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Sai Ding saves Jue Hui when Russell is harassing her. Sai Ding then confesses to Jue Hui, and both of them started dating. Meanwhile, Sai Wen is so in love with Xue Geng that she sells the gold bracelet that her mother had left for her to buy a watch to give it to Xue Geng. However, Xue Geng rejects it and tells Sai Wen that he only treats her as a younger sister, Sai Wen's heart sinks.Russell对觉慧使暴力,幸被赛鼎所救。赛鼎追求觉慧,两人开始走在一起。赛文对学庚痴心一片,典当了母亲留给她的金手镯,买了手表送给学庚表心意。学庚不敢接受,无奈向赛文坦言他只把她当妹妹,赛文大受打击。

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