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Blessings S2 祖先保佑2

Blessings S2 祖先保佑2 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Chun Xian moves into the big house, making friends with Sai Wen and the landlord's daughter, Jue Hui. However, she still doesn't see eye to eye with Xue Geng. Sai Ding has a crush on Jue Hui, but Jue Hui likes a wealthier man, Russell. Xue Geng helps Sai Wen sell biscuits. When a customer is making things difficult for Sai Wen, he defends her and even self-proclaims himself as her "lover". Sai Wen hears this and is overjoyed, thinking that Xue Geng meant what he said. 春仙搬入大杂院,与赛文和房东女儿觉慧成为朋友,与学庚则互看彼此不顺眼。赛鼎钟情于觉慧,奈何觉慧喜欢身世较好的Russell。学庚帮赛文卖饼,见有顾客让赛文难堪,便挺身帮她解围,还自称是赛文的“爱人”。赛文芳心暗喜,信以为真。

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