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Blessings S2 祖先保佑2

Blessings S2 祖先保佑2 - EP4

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Da Xi tries to get Xue Geng and Chun Xian to reconcile, and arranges for them to watch a wooden puppet show together. However, this results in worsening their relationship with one another. Da Xi feels his body weakening and starts to suspect he is disappearing due to Xue Geng and Chun Xian drifting further apart and history being altered. 大喜欲撮合学庚和春仙,约两人去看木偶戏,却弄巧反拙,导致两人不欢而散。大喜感到身体不适,开始疑神疑鬼,怀疑是因为学庚和春仙的姻缘渐行渐远所导致,担心自己会消失。

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