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Blessings S2 祖先保佑2

Blessings S2 祖先保佑2 - EP16

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 22 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Da Xi and Chun Xian celebrate Bao Zhu's birthday together. When Bao Zhu is making her birthday wish, Da Xi encourages her to pursue her dream bravely, Chun Xian makes a decision after hearing what Da Xi said. She plucks up her courage to confess to Da Xi. Da Xi did not dare to accept it and rejected it gently. Chun Xian is unwilling to give up hope on Da Xi, she decides to win Da Xi's heart, Da Xi is distressed about this. 宝珠过生日,大喜、春仙为她庆祝。宝珠许愿,大喜鼓励她勇敢追求自己的梦想,春仙听在耳里,有了决定。过后她鼓起勇气向大喜告白。大喜不敢接受,极力婉拒。春仙不死心,决心要打动大喜,大喜苦恼不已。

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