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Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶

Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶 - EP3

9 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Qingxuan competes with an online influencer in a bid to become a brand's ambassador for the next season. Together with Emily, they conduct a mother-daughter makeup demonstration and win the competition. However, Qingxuan is flabbergasted to find out that Leo has been cheating on her. 晴萱与一名网红较劲,争取当某品牌新季度的代言人。原本处于下风的她十分尴尬,没想到美丽中途乱入,当场展开母女化妆秀,以母女情谊感动观众,完胜另一名网红。晴萱想告诉Leo胜利的好消息,却发现Leo劈腿。

Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶
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