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Big White Duel 白色强人 (Dual Sound)

Big White Duel 白色强人 (Dual Sound)

Ep 1 (Part 1)
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese;Cantonese

Tang Ming's ball game buddies get food poisoning. Tang Ming and his disciple send them to the nearby Marshall Paxton Hospital for treatment. As a doctor himself, Tang Ming wants to help out when he sees the A & E Department busy tending to patients. However, he is not allowed to cross the line as he is a doctor from another hospital. 唐明的球友们食物中毒,他与徒弟把他们送到附近的明成北医院急症室求医。见到急症室忙得不可开交时,身为医生的唐明很想帮忙,但因他是别间医院的医生所以不能越界。

Big White Duel 白色强人 (Dual Sound)
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