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Bicentennial Chronicles

Bicentennial Chronicles

1400s The Orang Laut Warriors (Self-determination)
2 Min

By meWATCH Published: 27 Sep 2019 Audio: English

Fearless warriors, loyal sailors and expert fishermen. These are some descriptions of the Orang Laut, who formed the dominant group living in Singapore during the 1400s. Although Singapore was no longer a bustling port, it remained an important site of naval base defence housing the Seri Bija Diraja, one of the 4 great lords, who was captain-in-chief of the military commanders. The orang laut are the backbone to this naval force, even in the 16th century, the continued to show their military prowess. Trader Jacques de Coutre records that they are capable of throwing wooden spears so hard it could piece armour.

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Bicentennial Chronicles
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