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Bicentennial Chronicles

Bicentennial Chronicles

1933 Anti-Opium Movements in Singapore (Self-determination)
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By meWATCH Published: 27 Sep 2019 Audio: English

The first anti-opium clinic was opened by Lim Boon Keng and Chen Su Lan. It provided a space for addicts to be weaned off from the drug. This was just one of the activities of the Anti-Opium society started by both men in 1906. Before that, opium was not seen as a social problem in Singapore. For Lim Boon Keng, the problem was attributed to the living conditions of the poor and the lack of alternative recreation. According to Lim, the ‘real remedy lies in education, and in forbidding the use of it to the young’. Together with the anti-opium society, he worked hard to educate the public on the dangers of opium, while petitioning the colonial government to suppress its availability in Singapore.

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    1933 Anti-Opium Movements in Singapore (Self ...
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Bicentennial Chronicles
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