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Bicentennial Chronicles

Bicentennial Chronicles

1823 Raffles and Farquhar Depart; John Crawfurd Appointed (Self-determination)
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By meWATCH Published: 27 Sep 2019 Audio: English

Crawfurd was appointed Resident of Singapore in June 1823, after Raffles and Farquhar left. He was a shrewd man, who restrained expenditure, increased government revenue and promoted free trade. He laid the foundation of economic growth for Singapore. While his tenure ended in 1826, Crawfurd love affair with Singapore did not. He remained dedicated in advocating the cause of the Straits merchants in London. He heard the frustrations of the local community over the management of piracy, port duties and currencies, transportation of convicts and judicial reforms, all of which seemed to be problems related to being administered by the Indian government. The solution was to place Singapore directly under the management of the crown. John Crawfurd and others started a straits settlements association to protect the interests of the region, and he was the first president to the association. Meanwhile in Singapore, merchants such as Jose D’Almeida gather to make a similar petition for Singapore to be placed under the crown, and listed down their grievances with the present political arrangement. Together, their persistence finally paid off in 1867.

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    1823 Raffles and Farquhar Depart; John Crawfurd ...
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Bicentennial Chronicles
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